You can purchase used Japanese cars, parts and engines at a Japanese domestic price.

We gather suitable second hand domestic and foreign cars from auction sites across the nation, and distribute desired car parts to users around the world starting from one piece at a Japanese market price.
Our company holds numbers of services at approval under regulation of Okayama city and Kurashiki city. We value compliance and roll out solid business which we are confident that we can bring you a trustworthy business for the customers.

For those of you, please visit our website.

  • Who wants to individually import their desired car
  • Who are looking for competitive price
  • Who cannot find their desired parts
  • Who wants to purchase in bulk

5 reasons why people choose SUN MOTORS

  • 1Used cars are in good condition in Japan due to mandatory car inspection!
  • 2We provide competitive price compared to other companies since we do not use other agents!
  • 3Trustworthy and safe cars because we procure from auctions which provide evaluation scores!
  • 4Transparent pricing following the Japanese market price!
  • 5We can also satisfy your needs for car parts as we also carry out recycling business!

Steps for purchase

STEP1 Order online

STEP2 Confirm total price including shipping fee

STEP3 Order confirmation

STEP4 Payment

STEP5 Order shipped/deliver


Thank you for visiting SUN MOTORS’ website.After the automobile recycle act was in practice in 2007, we built a recycle factory to distribute used car parts online (domestic) and began container exports to abroad.We have been providing good quality products at a reasonable price to ensure customer satisfaction.We launched this website in hope to deliver Japanese cars, engines and parts directly to each users.If your desired item is not listed, please do not hesitate to inquire. We will take your order.